How Maca Root Increases Male and Female Fertility

What do you need to know about maca root. Just what does it do and how does it work?

For starters, maca is considered to be an aphrodisiac. From a sheer numbers standpoint, something that increases the frequency of sexual intercourse would likely have a positive impact on fertility. Maca root does contain certain ingredients that may increase sexual desire [source: Hermann, et. al]. Unfortunately, reports of the sexual arousal effects of maca are almost entirely anecdotal. [source: Zelman].where to buy organic raw maca powder capsules

Maca may increase fertility in several ways. Chemical analyses and tests on rats have given researchers clues as to how the plant may affect fertility for men and women.

Let�s begin with examining the characteristics of maca, (scientific name of lepidium meyenii). At the top of the maca root is a combination of stems, scalloped leaves and white flowers. It's these parts of the plant that has all of the benefits. The root of the plant is a tuber that looks a lot like a radish. At the top of the root is a feature called hypocotyls. the Maca root exists in a variety of colors. Research has shown that the black type (hypocotyls) has the most significant positive impact on male fertility.
where to buy organic raw maca powder capsules
In one controlled study, rats were given maca root of the black variety. Scientists found that sperm count was increased within a single day of consumption. [source: Gonzales, et. al]. This provided confirmation an earlier study of Peruvian males in which maca root improved sperm production and motility. [source: Gonzales, et. al].

Another study looked at infertility in rats, in this case purposefully induced by lead exposure. It concluded that consumption of maca root reversed the infertility. [source: Rubio, et. al].

In conclusion, maca root does contain sperm-augmenting aspects, as well as potential aphrodisiac qualities. Use of maca does hold promise as a strategy for increasing fertility in men.

Maca is believed to offer females numerous health benefits as well. In fact it's commonly used as a remedy for hormonal symptoms, PMS and menopause [source: Ley]. But that's not the only assistance this powerful vegetable offers females. It may also increase fertility.

To date, there have been more studies looking at the conception-promoting benefits of maca in males than in females. Anecdotal evidence suggests that maca enhances fertility for both sexes, but the evidence to back up the results in women is less.

However, there was a significant study that hinted at maca�s fertility power in females.
A study in 2005 showed that yellow maca increased litter size of mice. [source: Ruiz-Luna, et. al]. This was the first scientifically controlled study to confirm the impact of maca on female fertility. The results are encouraging for women wanting to get pregnant, but more research is needed.

So, scientific findings suggest that maca root aids the reproductive system, but maca can also indirectly assist your body for conception. As with all specific body-functions, overall health is an important factor in the ability to conceive. This is an area where maca helps men and women. Maca is believed to improve health in the following ways. [source: Chillemi].

�    Improve energy and stamina
�    Lower lethargy
�    Boost immune system
�    Provide essential nutrition by way of minerals and other nutrients

For women, maca root's content of iron may be particularly important. During pregnancy, a woman is likely to experience iron deficiency; so ensuring abundant iron levels prior to becoming pregnant is a valuable step.

People have eaten maca root for thousands of years safely, so it seems that it is harmless to consume. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn't regulate supplements, so it's best to be cautious. Always talk to your physician before taking any supplement, whether it be maca root or any other one.


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